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The Global Performance Nutrition Institute, GPNi® was founded in 2018 and is the official partner for The International Society of Sports Nutrition, The ISSN.

Nutrition Education Solutions

Course Videos, Live-Streaming, Group Study and Social Network

On Demand Content

The GPNi platform provides on demand content available for all paid students, to study online on your own pace and in their own language, step-by-step study for those with a busy schedule.

Live Streaming

Live-streaming provides students opportunity to study together with the teacher teaching at the same time. They can ask questions, test their knowledge and get valuable feedback directly from the GPNi® experts.

Group Study

Attending the livestreaming workshops with experts, study in a group, online and offline in some regions. Being part of a class group, you can discuss questions get feedback from our teacher. 

Social Network

Connect with professional performance nutritionist, trainers, health consultants from around the globe. This social connection help you better develop your career in fitness and performance nutrition.

Professional Education

GPNi® is the official exclusive global platform and partner for The International
Society Of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) courses


Take your game to the next level with the most cutting-edge nutrition research, education and get access to the world’s leading experts. Upgrade yourself and…


Understand all the fundamentals and cutting edge together with diet, supplementation and exercise with specialty focus on.  Begin and grow your…

Mini Course

Learn more on a certain subject, or specifically learn just one on given subject you are curious about with these on-demand courses, workshops and ebooks…

Sports Nutrition Specialist

Get certified with the global experts in performance nutrition at the Global Performance Nutrition Institute (GPNi®).  Become an internationally recognized certified ISSN – Sports Nutrition Specialist (SNS). 

Global Expert Talks At Seminars & Partner Facilities

Our expert team travels to join many key global expos, fitness education shows throughout the world. An integral part of all major fitness and nutrition expos such as:

What Our Student Says

Testimonials from our previous stududents.

Certified Coaches


Find a qualified sports nutritionist who is right for you. GPNi has thousands of freelance nutritionist & dietitians with a broad range of specialisations and interests, find someone who will match your specific criteria.


Explore our rich repository of scientific research, publications and other key resources in sports nutrition.

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Panel of Experts

GPNi® – Advisors & Experts Lectures

Dr. Jose Antonio


Dr. Antonio is a chief executive officer and co-founder of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, an academic nonprofit dedicated to the science and application of sports nutrition and supplementation. In addition, he is the co-founder and vice president of the Society for Neurosports, an academic nonprofit with a focus on sports neuroscience.

Dr. Roger Adams

Ph.D. in Nutrition, CISSN

In December of 2004, Dr. Roger Adams life-long goal was obtaining a Ph.D. in Nutrition. He a member, as well as certified by the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) with the highest certification available by ISSN, CISSN certification, also known as the Sports Nutritionist.

Dr. Robert Wildman


 Dr. Robert Wildman served as Chief Science Officer for Post Active Nutrition which includes Dymatize, PowerBar, Premier Protein, and Supreme Protein for almost 10years. Rob is now the Founder & CEO of TYM Performance Nutrition, a high-quality, science-backed sports nutrition brand for athletes.