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- CISSN Masters Level 2 Certification -

For previously qualified Sports Nutrition Specialist (SNS) students on the GPNi portal, or existing dieticians, nutritionists bachelor level or higher only. 

Take your career to the next level and upgrade your skills and credentials to be the best and internationally accredited and to be considered by your peers to be a Masters Level and a Certified Sports Nutritionist, also known as CISSN Level-2 Masters.

Is The Masters Level CISSN Cert For You?

Unlike other certifications, this is not for the faint of heart.  This is only for very serious fitness professionals, master trainers, qualified nutritionists, and dieticians wanting to take their sports knowledge and service to the top level. 

What To Learn In The Masters Program

Combination of online on-demand learning together with “live” tutorials in a classroom online type setting together with Ph.D. academic lectures. 

Why Get Certified On The GPNi® Portal

GPNi® is the official global online partner for The International Society of Sports Nutrition, The ISSN® . The ISSN® is the leading pioneer's and researcher's in Performance Nutrition globally, since 2003.

GPNi® is an-all access portal, to begin and advance your in sports nutrition to an elite level with blossoming career opportunities.

GPNi® is the world’s first science backed performance nutrition online education portal to be offered in multiple countries and available in multiple languages.

GPNi® has a unique blend of on-demand content, together with live tutorials and classroom style online solution to give the most authentic and quality education solution.

Plug into the world’s network fellow fitness professionals and business owners for career and learning opportunities like no other certification offers. Upgrade your knowledge also global network like no other certification can.

Exclusive access to the world’s most famous and leading sports nutrition researchers and experts through the GPNi® “Access to Experts” live tutorials. ff

Our Happy & Qualified Students

Since 2003, there have been thousands of certified students across the world that upgraded their knowledge and skills; all of which are backed by proven scientific performance nutrition research. Here are some testimonials from some of the happy student alumni! 

The GPNi® Global Experts

“Every day I engage with athletes in my practice, helping them improve their training, body composition, recovery, and competition performance through nutrition. In order to be the best athlete, coach, or scientist you can be, you need to constantly improve and refine your practices. A key part of this is receiving the most up today evidenced-based information in your field.”

Roger Adams, Ph.D. & GPNi® Director Of Education