Country Partners


Own a business in fitness or education and wish to expand your offerings to students with the world’s #1 authority in sports nutrition education and certification?  GPNi® is the official global partner for the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) for the online courses for both the Sports Nutrition Specialist, as well as the CISSN international certifications.

What Does & Region Or Exclusive Channel Partner Get?

In 2022 with multiple GPNi® owned courses, the online education student portal, GPNi-TV® on-demand content, there are immense opportunities for those that qualify in certain regions, channels, and languages.  There are prerequisites for being eligible, please email for more info.

If you are in a country or region with a considerable influence or business, feel free to talk about the Region Partner Franchise program. If you have an interest in building the next generation of skilled performance nutrition experts in your country or region, this could be the opportunity for you, providing you are eligible.

This is limited to only qualified Region Partners that meet certain criteria, scale, and ability to grow.  For those that do qualify you can look forward to the below as the official and exclusive Country Partner in your region.

Who Qualifies:

The “Country Partner” program essentially leverages all the GPNi®  has a built-in brand, course, experts, and tech. It allows franchise partners to effectively plug in and play to grow things locally in their region with little cost or resources. 

What Do You Get As An Official Country-Partner :

To See If Your Organisation Is Eligible, Contact Us Below