Upon completing the course and being certified you will be recognized globally as being qualified in your field.  No other sports nutrition or nutrition certification can offer this level of authority.  Though other certifications may have content, none of it is created by the experts that did the research itself. 

The GPNi® courses, together with the ISSN certifications are the only TRUE and authentic certification and authority in performance in the world.  All others use content and research papers by the ISSN, thus are not from the original or authentic source.

As nutrition is becoming viewed as being the most important aspect in all fitness and professional sports you will be upgrading yourself to serve others to the highest level.  Whether for your own educational purposes, as a coach, or as a professional trainer to elite athletes you will be added with the skills to work with and optimize their performance nutrition diet and strategy.

One of the most important attributes you will gain, that no other online certification can offer, or remotely does offer is; plugging into the GPNi® and ISSN global network.  Study with a “live” group class with a “real classroom” experience with our exclusive online video & chat groups. 

Connect learn, grow friends, and network with peers throughout the world. Learn from and meet the elite level experts in the world “live” online, as well in person offline.  In your career, it is often as important, if not more important to who you know, not just want you to know – with GPNi® learn and grow your connections globally!

See what others have said about studying with GPNi® here on the GPNi® YouTube Page Here.

“I was looking for the perfect course that combined theoretical knowledge and practical experience in sports nutrition for many years. I was greatly impressed with the new knowledge I gained also the course flow with the blend of on-demand content together with “live” online Zoom tutorials and class group. For those in the fitness industry, I highly recommended getting ISSN certified on the GPNi® portal and upgrading your knowledge and career at the same time.”

From Lenka Suta, SNS Graduate of SNS certification in 2021.

“I’m actually doing the course for a second time right now because I know that the course has about 40% of new information in it compared to a few years ago when I last did the course.

One of my biggest frustrations in the industry in the past has been courses where the knowledge is already outdated based on the current science, but they’re very slow to update the course content. That isn’t a problem that you have with the ISSN and the GPNi.”

Testimonial by SNS student, Holly Priestland from the UK

“I graduated from University Kebangsaan Malaysia and possess a bachelor’s degree in nutrition with honors. Ever since I learned about nutrition, my interest is inclined towards sports and performance nutrition. So that is why I chose to join this class.”

Testimonial by SNS student, Amir Shahimi, a certified nutritionist cum coach.

“In the last few days, my clients have been asking me for guidance and tips about nutrition, how to pair their workouts with their meal plan.

So I decided to attend this nutrition certification and I have to say that I learn a lot, and finally, I can give the right answers to all my clients.”

Testimonial by SNS student, Emanuele Mediati from Italy

See what others have said about studying with GPNi® here on the GPNi® YouTube Page Here.

With all GPNi® courses and certifications, you will learn sports nutrition strategies backed by the most up-to-date and cutting-edge science, research. All courses are also created by global experts in their field. 

Depending on the course or certification you choose to study on the GPNi® portal all will be covered in these areas and a great deal more:

When you eat may be as important as what you eat for athletic performance.
Nutrient timing incorporates the use of methodical planning and eating of whole foods, fortified foods, and dietary supplements.
The timing of energy intake and the ratio of certain ingested macronutrients may enhance recovery and tissue repair, augment muscle protein synthesis (MPS), and improve mood states following high-volume or intense exercise.
The right sports nutrition plan for the right athlete and athletic performance.
The GPNi® branded “Traffic Light System” on supplementation (products) that are proven to work, backed by science according to the latest ISSN research and later literature.
In-depth understanding of the ISSN Position Stands.
Ethics and best standards of practice for global performance nutrition.

The GPN® is unlike any other certifications and course programs currently available globally.  Firstly GPNi® is the only truly global certification in sports nutrition.  Others may claim to be “international” though are only offered in the English language and often only reside within one country or region. 

The GPNi® courses and certifications are now offered in:

1. English.

2. Chinese

3. Japanese

4. Many other languages launching soon. 

The GPNi® also has exclusive region partners to help localize the content also work with local regulations within each region now in:

1. United States

2. Australia & New Zealand (ANZ)

3. China Mainland

4. Hong Kong

5. Taiwan

6. Japan

7. Singapore

8. United Kingdom

9.  More Region Partners Launching Soon In 2022

The GPNi® certifications have all been created using the most cutting-edge sports nutrition scientific studies.  The authors of all the courses are all international experts, and Ph.D. level globally recognized lectures.  You will not find a program or course of its kind similar or in-depth to what the GPNi® offers. 

Whilst some certifications may label themselves as “sports nutrition”, most of the time they are simply general nutrition courses with a few small details about amino acids thrown in.  All the GPNi® courses cover the foundational understanding and fundamentals of nutrition, but at the same time goes very deep on all aspects of athletics and the latest research-backed sports nutrition and diet strategies that other courses do not even surface-level begin to examine. 

Many online courses offer on-demand content with a “cookie-cutter” approach to education.  For those simply looking for a “piece of paper” as a certification, other programs may be easier and suit your needs better. The GPNi® approach to education is a 360° with true “classroom” like feel with our exclusive chat classroom groups and “live” classes.  Learn from others with our global classroom and also get your “Access to Experts”, only through the GPNi®. 

The GPNi® courses and ISSN certifications are the fastest-growing internationally recognized online education now in the world.  Grow your career, network globally, and upgrade yourself to be amongst the top in the game in the performance nutrition space.

The Global Performance Nutrition Institute, GPNi® was founded in 2018 and is the official partner for The International Society of Sports Nutrition, ISSN.  In the Asia Pacific region, GPNi® is the exclusive online, as well as offline partner for the ISSN.

The ISSN since 2003 has led the world in cutting-edge research, experts, papers, and conference in sports nutrition.  With its “self-study” online exam it has also led the world in the most recognized global certifications in performance nutrition, the Sports Nutrition Specialist (SNS) and Certified Sports Nutritionist (CISSN) ISSN has also led the way.

The GPNi® has worked closely as partners with the ISSN since 2018 and in 2020 launched the first-ever online exclusive courses for the globally recognized certifications.  For the first time, ever students of the world are now able to do a dedicated course to help pass the official ISSN exams exclusively on the GPNi® portal www.thegpni.com

Beyond just passing the ISSN official online exams, the GPNi® also offers an additional exclusive certification called the Performance Nutrition Expert (PNE).  The PNE Level-1 connected to the SNS certification, and PNE Level-2 connected to the CISSN  program.  These add-on certifications also exclusively through the GPNi® additional equip students in the practical knowledge of understanding sports nutrition. The PNE certifications are graded on a case study and diet creation works to ensure students understand and can use the new knowledge adequately in everyday life.

The CISSN stands for Certified Sports Nutritionists.  The acronym, CISSN is recognized by many academics and is for those really wishing to be recognized globally to be at the top in your field.  This certification is for high-level coaches, nutritionists, and dieticians that wish to have a laser focus on the most up-to-date research-backed studies. 

Students looking to study for the CISSN would ideally have 10years prior experience and be SNS Level-1 qualified or another relevant tertiary degree.  The certification is for those that wish to work with the amateur and/or professional athlete population.  With course content elements of the course ranging from professional weight cutting to banned in sports regulations and ensuring your athlete remains healthy and safe.

This certification is recognized as top-level in sports nutrition certifications globally.  The GPNi® is the official partner and has the exclusive online course for the CISSN with “live” classes to work with some of the top experts in the world. 

The CISSN certification by the GPNi® is available now in English, Chinese, and other languages launching soon. 

The CISSN , by the GPNi®, is far more advanced and is the preferred certification for those who wish to provide more detailed sports nutrition information to their clients and professional athletes. SNS  is a critical foundation course for those at an earlier stage in their career, or who need a foundation to begin in performance nutrition. 

The SNS focuses more on the applied aspects of sports nutrition and is meant for those who do not have a strong foundation in place and need to learn the fundamentals first.

Through the GPNi®, SNS is a prerequisite in being able to apply for CISSN  Masters also.  Only those that have completed the SNS Certification program, or have a relevant degree in nutrition can apply for the CISSN .

For those that wish to do the CISSN , that are not yet qualified, you can get into Contact Us to learn about the “Masters Pack”, which includes both the SNS, also CISSN together.  The GPNi® Masters Pack helps fast-track you with your career and qualifications, also has some moderate discounts for the pack as well for both.

Your continued professional development involves completing 10 Continuing Education Credits (CECs) every two years to maintain your registration through the GPNi®.  This applies to the SNS, as well as the CISSN. 

The CEC program is different from the ISSN itself due to global and regional policies, and the availability of Continued Education Courses.  You can view more about the CEC policy here: GPNi® Certification CEC Policy

The GPNi® is a global operation with offices, partners, expert lectures, and regions throughout the world.  As of 2022, the GPNi® offers certification in English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, and Japanese language.  

As of 2022 also you can sign up and join one of our local cohorts now available in these regions with “live” classes and in some cases “offline” available as well:

  • Australia / New Zealand (ANZ)
  • China Mainland
  • Hong Kong
  • Taiwan
  • Japan
  • Singapore
  • United Kingdom

To learn more about our region partner program please go here: GPNi® Region Partner Program

The onboarding process for signing up to any of the GPNi® courses is below: 

1. Chose the course and Cohort date you wish to study with.  We have multiple cohorts throughout the year for the SNS program and courses with different dates.  For those that signup earlier for a cohort there is a small discount as well.  For CISSN  there are currently limited courses and availability in 2022 and only one English language cohort running this year.

2. Send an email to cert@thegpni.com or the Contact Us Page or check out the landing page for all courses and pay and sign up directly here, Course Landing Page Here.

3. Payment is through the secure/safe and exclusive GPNi® Stripe and Pay Pal.  We also have other payment options for international clients in Japan and China as well.

4. Get your GPNi® Student Center created with course access, also exclusive members-only “GPNi® Members Corner”

5. The “GPNi® Members Corner” is free for one year of access to both SNS  and CISSN  certifications and is USD$99 per year thereafter.

6. Join the class-exclusive “live” Zoom chat group, join the exclusive GPNi® Members Corner Facebook group to learn from each other, experts, and connect and grow your network in sports nutrition!

7. Start studying immediately within the GPNi® Student Centre on-demand content and exclusive on-demand GPNi-TV® expert seminars and webinars by the ISSN. 80-90% of the course is on-demand so watch anytime, anywhere in the world, and at your pace.

8. “Live” class schedule will be emailed to you but all “live” classes are recorded with playback for those that are busy.

9. The official exam will be scheduled after the live classes for every cohort for both SNS and CISSN .

You will always be in good hands with any questions you can email us at edu@thegpni.com 24/7

Each region, country, and even state within your country has a different regulation in regards to what you can and cannot do as a Sports Nutrition Coach.  This will be 100% up to you to work within your own region’s regulations and ensure you are complimented by them.  Some are very strict, and some have very few regulations at all. 

The GPNi® international certifications by the ISSN, and the GPNi® Continued Education certificate programs are informational purposes and your client’s medical history should always be checked by a qualified medical Doctor.  You are not qualified to prescribe medication or advise outside the scope of practice and you are not qualified to be a Dietician or Masters of Nutrition with a degree either.  You can learn more about this policy by Contacting Us Here. 

In some regions, with our exclusive region partners, you can apply for local insurance or government authorized liability insurance.  Please get in contact with our local official partners directly or Contacting Us for more information.


Although no formal post­secondary course work is required, candidates are expected to have a working knowledge of basic exercise training, general nutrition, sports supplements, and are familiar with the ISSN’s current Position Papers

The SNS Certification, together with the Performance Nutrition Expert (PNE) is a mid-level sports nutrition certification.  Depending on the level of a person’s prior knowledge and experience, all will find the content extremely thorough and boost your knowledge.

For those at an early or moderate stage in your sports nutrition or coaching career, this is an ideal foundation course, to begin with, but will give you a mid to high-level firm foundation at the same time.

For those looking to take their career to the highest level, begin with the GPNi® SNS  and work towards the CISSN over time to be recognized amongst your peers to be at the top of your game.  Start at growing your career with the GPNi® and continue to ascend one step at a time!



CISSN is not one level above the SNS program, however many levels above. It should only be applied by those that are very serious about their career, study, and eligible to do so.

CISSN is recognized by many academics and Universities in the world. You will often see Ph.D. experts using the “CISSN” acronym next to their name, which is, therefore, one of the most recognized and respected sports nutrition certifications in the world today.

The CISSN certification is internationally recognized as one of the highest levels of sports nutrition for academics and universities globally.  To be eligible in applying there is a very strict policy:

1. You will need a minimum of 5 years of relevant experience in sports nutrition and coaching.

2. You will need to have a degree from a recognized University in nutrition or physiology-related fields or completed the SNS by the GPNi® prior.

If you do not yet qualify you can begin at the SNS certification or enquire about the “GPNi® Masters Pack” which is a combination of SNS+ CISSN certifications combined.  You will begin with SNS and once qualified immediately begin CISSN  when you are ready to do so.  The GPNi® Masters Pack is one of our most popular choices by students of the world as it allows students to fast-track their careers and qualifications.

To check your eligibility or to ask questions please Contact Us for more information.


The SNS stands for Sports Nutrition Specialist from the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN).  It has been one of the leading international certifications for coaches in sports nutrition for the past 19years.   This certification is for personal trainers or other fitness professionals who do not hold a 4­year university/college degree.

Recognized as the leading researchers and pioneers in the sports nutrition field, the ISSN, together with the certifications are considered by many the top in sports nutrition.  The GPNi® is the official partner and has the exclusive online course for the SNS certification with on-demand content for easy to learn, together with “live” classes to work with some of the top experts in the world. 

The SNS certification by the GPNi® is also available now in English, Chinese, Japanese and other languages launching soon.