History Of GPNi®

GPNi® was founded in 2018 and is the official partner for The International Society of Sports Nutrition, The ISSN.

Who Is GPNi

“Your Nutrition Key”

The Global Performance Nutrition Institute, GPNi® was founded in 2018 and is the official partner for The International Society of Sports Nutrition.

GPNi® is an-all access portal, to begin and advance your in sports nutrition. GPNi® is the world’s first science backed performance nutrition online education portal to be offered in multiple countries and available in multiple language o

Grow your career and be educated with the GPNI® courses and workshops. Get certified today with the most trusted authority in sports nutrition science, The ISSN!

ISSN History

Founded in 2003, ISSN is a world leader in providing scientific sports nutrition and supplemental information. Our peer-reviewed journals (JISSN), conferences, and participants are key influencers and thought leaders in sports nutrition and supplements

Why We Are Different

GPNi® is the official partner for the world renowned “International Society Of Sports Nutrition” (ISSN) courses for the Sports Nutrition Specialist (SNS Level-1) and Sports Nutritionist (CISSN Level-2) certifications.

GPNi® provides mentorship, exclusive membership content, high quality service, online support groups, guidance as well as career and business training to advance your career and income in the field of Performance Nutrition.

GPNI® has local language support and services in most major regions to welcome the global community to be connected and advance together in the field of sports nutrition; no matter of geography or language.


ISSN Leads in Research and Innovation

The ISSN is recognized by universities worldwide as offering the latest, cutting edge, and non-biased research in the science and application of sports nutrition and supplementation.

ISSN research has led to the development and discovery of some of the biggest ingredients and applications in sports nutrition supplementation. Many of these discoveries are attributed to fellows within the ISSN (FISSN)

Creatine, Theacrine, HMB, Beta alanine, Nitrosigine, and many others.