GPNi® Global Membership Program

The Global Membership program by the Global Performance Nutrition Institute (GPNi®) is the first of its kind, offering actual membership value to everyone globally, no matter of language or location – all online. The benefits are immense, and you do not have to be a student or do a course now to be a prestigious member and access the content and member benefits; anyone can join and be a member.  

GPNi® Global Membership Benefits:

Content & Courses


Exclusive Access Student Center

VIP Treatment & Earnings

Valued At Over $699 Annually


Discounts and policies may change between offline and online workshops and courses. The company has the right to change the discount policies at any time. Membership policy and offline benefits will also depend on the country partner for the ISSN and the GPNi®. 

The GPNi® membership does not include the purchase of, and not to be confused with the ISSN® membership and its benefits.  For those wishing to become an ISSN valued member, where you can enjoy discounts off the world-class ISSN global seminars and much more; please follow this link ISSN Membership